My side-project goal the past 3 years was to finish drawing this comic, most of which I wrote in a couple of weeks in 2008 when I was unemployed in LA. So it was just a matter of drawing it every week. By hitting every Monday deadline I got it done in three years almost to the day. If I was on the road and a deadline was approaching I just drew the comic on my iPad in Procreate with one of those makeshift Wacom styluses for iPad Air. It was more important to me to get the comic done than market it, have a social media presence or have “perfect” art every week. This gave me a chance to experiment with the art a bit as well as with some new technology, as I got more familiar with TB Harmony for most of the second run.

Next up I’ll be doing edits on all of the comics one by one as I compile the webcomic into a book that can be sold online and at conventions. The comics were done over the course of a decade so I’m going to rein in the art a bit as I compile the book in order to conform the comic to an overall style that’s a little less jarring when read straight through. If you have any input when it comes to the compilation of the comic, I always appreciate any feedback.

I’ll also finally make some merch, do conventions, be on social media again etc. If there’s anything you’d want in terms of the book or merch I’d appreciate any input on that too. I will definitely look into selling the Sugar Babiez book and Sugar Babiez merch for a handful of cryptocurrencies. I would imagine selling books for crypto at conventions is very easy and will become increasingly common. For now you can donate crypto toward the book effort.

You can keep up with progress on the book by following me on Twitter and Instagram or by following the Sugar Babiez Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Thanks for reading a crazy webcomic called Sugar Babiez!